Send a build status to Bitbucket using the Bitbucket Cloud Build Status Notifier (BCBSN).

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The Bitbucket Cloud Build Status Notifier (BCBSN) is a tool that sends a build status to bitbucket cloud. Oauth credentials are required to perform this action and these have to be created in the user settings menu that resides in bitbucket cloud. Note: a Callback URL, e.g. https://ci-system-name/ is required in order to create Oauth credentials and one has to check ‘private consumer’ if the build status has to be sent to private repositories.

In order to run this tool, one could choose to download the binary from the releases section in this repository or use docker.

Example for running this command given:


To print the help message

docker run utrecht/bcbsn:2.0.7 -h


Usage of /usr/local/bcbsn:
  -clientID string
      The clientID used for the 'client credentials' token flow with BitBucket
  -clientSecret string
      The clientSecret used for the 'client credentials' token flow with BitBucket
  -commit string
      The commit, e.g. 57484fd5460017aef111e8b4ec116a30ff0b4904
  -key string
      The key, e.g. a unique id of the build (use the build id)
  -name string
      An identifier for the build e.g. 'build 2'
  -owner string
      The owner of the repository, e.g. it is 'atlassian' in 'https://bitbucket.org/atlassian/stash-example-plugin/src/master/'
  -repoSlug string
      The repoSlug, e.g. some-repository
  -state string
      The state, e.g. SUCCESSFUL, INPROGRESS or FAILED
  -url string
      The url, e.g. https://travis-ci.org/030/bcbsn/builds/523263434